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App Programming Language

New Apps are written in swift 5.0 Language with Xcode
and the control panel for updating the content on the web is developed in Core with API
All new Apps support IOS 13+ (current version) or higher

IOS App Samples

Here are 5 Apps we have created
Auto World
Madrid Fans
Learn Phrases
Beauty Salon
Recipe Book

Android App Samples

Persis Home
App Request Form

Personal information

App information

The minimum time it takes to create an App is 2 weeks
To send an App to Apple store,you need to have IOS Developer Program Account, If you don't,we use our own account

App Capabilities

Remote notification Location Services(Maps) InApp Purchase Icloud Healthkit Homekit
Arabic English Spanish Italian French
Tab based Slide Menu Most Apps use Tabs and some Menus to show App content Items
Photo Gallery Music/Audio Video
We use MS SQL Database on the web and SQLite on the App to store information
Watchkit requires an extra project to be created in Xcode with different interface and Code than the app
In this case we put an Update button on the App to refresh the new content from the website
App Rating Contact Us About us Animation other
The cost of App development begins at 1000$