About Me

Keyvan Janghorbani - CEO

Senior Software Developer and Programmer

Over the past 20 years I have been working in computer field especially in programming.

Since Microsoft intoduced classic ASP i started working with that scripting language and after that i started working in .net environment

My History

Since Microsoft introduced ASP Classic I got interested in that technology and created many scripts with asp classic.

Even before that i did programming with visual basic

I the meantime I learned MS SQL Database to integrate with my websites

in 2001 I introduced my website keyvan1.com to the world

During this time I got to know Microsoft .net 2 framework and started designing HTML Websites

After that I created websites with the new Microsoft MVC Design pattern

The new JavaScript library called JQuery released around 2007 and I added that to my scripts

In 2014 I learned Apple IOS programming and started developing apps in Xcode and swift.

Up to now I have created over 8 ios apps which 5 of them are available on appstore

With the release of asp.net core in 2016 I upgraded my apps to this technology

In 2016 I created my first Advanced Programming Learning channel on youtube website

Angular is the latest technology I have been using with my apps

I recently started developing Android app and my first app called PersisHome is now available on google play store

Web Developer

I have created many asp.net scripts over the past few years from facebook clone to interior design.

IOS Developer

since 2015 i started devloping IOS apps and ever since i have created many apps and published them on app store

Database Administrator

MS SQL Server is the most popular database storing option among professional developers.My apps use sql to store data


Angular full interactive framework combined with .net core gives you full power on backend and frontend

.net/ios Teacher

I have uploaded 3 advanced dotnet and ios Learning videos on youtube that have earned good audience.

Android apps

I recently created my first android app. My apps are all localized in different languages. Mostly in English,German,Arabic.